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“A Bio-Plasmic Polar Field Cycler”
Approx. 10 inches wide, by 9.75 high and 3.5 inches deep.
Contains 10 D-cell batteries & electronic circuitry.

Timer Operates on 9VDC or 12VDC or 90-240VAC

Sometimes called an "Energy Cleaner" or an "Aura Cleaner" or a "Polarity Switcher" or a "B.O.B." or a "Zeta Potential Energizer" or an "Electronic Detox Assist Unit" or a  "MexiStim Polarity Cycler."

The Pulsar is experimental device that I find to be a useful tool. Your mileage may vary!

If you would  like to experiment with a Pulsar, here's what I can offer:

 A completely assembled unit & ready to use out of the box.

 Various OPTIONS available for those interested in further experimentation.

  Individual parts are also available.

“The Pulsar” can be used as an Electronic Form of Reverse Osmosis assisting the Electro–Chemical Processes in our bodies.

Here is the Story of how “The Pulsar” came into Being

Pulsar Specifications here

How to Purchase a Pulsar

Some Suggestions on How to Experiment with the Pulsar

Make Your own  Pads or Screens


Read Some Stories About This Simple Device

Planet Earth Is A Water Planet

Dr. Harold S. Burr - The Electrical Patterns of Life

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Here's the basic diagram of the device.

Actually in this arrangement the body is more like the dielectric of a capacitor.

And here' a brief explanation of the possible interaction of the Pulsar with our planet.

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 The "Electric Force" is involved in all chemical reactions on our planet.

A Picture of Our "Electric Planet" taken from the Moon.  Your ALT-Text here

 Our Planet has this amazing electrical field around it, which reaches voltages of 350,000 volts and more.

It is produced when light photons collide with electrons that are orbiting around the nuclei of the atoms in our atmosphere. The added energy imparted to the electrons results in the electron being pushed out of its orbit and accelerated toward our planet's surface. The resulting affect produces bands of ions at different potentials around earth.

So, the Earth's Electric Field is above us;

Our body – in the middle –is the dielectric;

And, we have the screen connected to "The Pulsar" below us.

Learn More About Our Earth's Electric Field Here 

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Is This The Most Effective Placebo Ever Created (!!!)
or ...
Is there some really serious science going on here ?

The Short Story of how “The Pulsar” came into Being

We first discovered Lee Crock's device about Jan. 2004. We have built our version of the device which we call the "Pulsar". We have been using it for about 7 months. I am offering to build a Pulsar for you for experimental purposes.

Here's some of the effects that we notice:

  • more restful sleep

  • seems to enhance lucid dreaming

  • some kind of a warm feeling emanating from the screen

  • seems to have an effect on nail growth

  • seems to help regulate menopause cycling

  • seems to increase energy levels

  • our dog Jasmine loves sleeping on it


Go here for a brief summary of the basic water science that many believe is involved in this process.

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Here is some information about my electronic unit that I call "The Pulsar"

I have designed a  simple base unit (Model 100) based on the concepts presented by Lee Crock and Jerry Decker and Thomas R. Cichanowski.  

Pulsar Model 100 Specifications

Timing cycle: Factory set at 15 Minutes (adjustable)

Voltage output: 3VDC

Power input 9VDC 200mA

Batteries required: 10 D-size (carbon-zinc preferred), 9VDC (optional)

Case: polypropylene, 10 inches wide x 9.75 high x 3.5 inches deep.


Universal AC adaptor

9VDC battery with holder and on/off switch

12VDC to 9VDC adaptor

Dual voltage output 3 or 4.5VDC

NOTES: Lee's original units were 3 volts. His new units are now 4.5 volts.   It has been reported that some people feel that the 4.5 volts is too strong for daily use. Thus, my basic Model 100 is 3 volts. A dual voltage (3-4.5) unit is available as an option.

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CaseThe Pulsar is housed in a nice plastic polyurethane accessory case, and uses a separate power supply or a set of batteries to power the timer. This insures that the "screen batteries" maintain their full voltage for at least two years – possibly three years.

Screen battery holders. 10 D size batteries required (not included)

The timer is equipped with a LED, which indicates the polarity of the output voltage – on is positive and off is negative.   When the power cord is plugged in the unit is switched on, it always starts in the positive mode. The timer is adjustable from a few seconds to 30 minutes and is factory set and tested to 15 minutes positive and 15 minutes negative for screen output.

This unit will power several treatment screens simultaneously in your house and can also be used in your car, plane or camper. The timer electronics are relay isolated from the output giving the circuit exceptional immunity to static charges and interference. This unit will not interfere with radio or navigation equipment.

Interior view of a Pulsar Model 100 3/4.5 VDC


AC AdapterBase unit includes an AC/DC Adapter - , Positive Compact wall mount power supply. Input: 120VAC / 60Hz with 2 pin Standard North American input plug. Output:  9VDC 200mA, Barrel type (coaxial) output connector, 2.1 x 5.5mm Plug Centre Positive Polarity 6' cord length.

(Not included if Universal AC to 9VDC ADAPTER Option purchased)



 Screen connection wireI include a 6 foot wire with a banana plug on one end and an alligator clip on the other that can be used to connect to your bed screen or therapy pad. The connections are soldered. If you would like wires that are a little longer or shorter, Please let me know. I will also make you custom items for your special needs. Also, let me know if you have a King Size Bed, or two beds next to each other and I will send you a plug with two cords and clips.



 5 way binding post

The SCREEN output post is called a 5-way, because there are five different ways you can connect to it. If you screw the top counter clockwise a hole will be revealed in the post through which you can insert a wire or two. Then screw the top clockwise to secure.  Meter probes will fit into the hole in the post. You can wrap a wire around the post and you can use a "C" shaped connector "spade". Of course the banana plugs just plug into the end and will work even if a wire is connected directly to the post below.

We do not supply the 10 or 11 D size carbon batteries for units because the postage is greater than the cost of the batteries. When changing batteries it is important to replace all batteries in each group at the same time.  Do not mix old and new batteries. This could possibly cause a battery to leak.

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  • SCREEN OUTPUT VOLTAGE OF 3 OR 4.5VDC WITH SELECTOR SWITCH & BATTERY HOLDERS. 11 D size batteries required (not included)

Cigarette Lighter Plug


12 Volt cigarette lighter plug input to various common power plug outputs.

  • Output Voltages: 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12 VDC
  • Output Current: 800 mA
  • Reversible Polarity
  • Plug Size: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 2.1 x 5.5mm, 2.5 x 5.5mm

Allows you to use the Pulsar in an automobile.





Four (4) Interchangeable AC plugs included (comes with US, AUST, EUR & UK)

• Universal Input: 90~264VAC • 50-60 HZ • Continuous short circuit protection • Conductive EMI meets CISPR/FCC Class B • High Efficiency: 75% typical • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C





36" or 48"wide by up to 100 ft long

Offering excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, Copper Wire Mesh  is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine.  36 inches wide. Please email us for pricing and availability.

Ready to use finished screens or pads are also available. Please email us with your requirements.

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How to Purchase a Pulsar with which to Experiment

No Paypal account is needed to order online now!

All Pricing in US Dollars


Includes: Plastic Polyurethane Accessory Case, Electronic Timer, Screen Battery Holders, Screen Output Post, Fully Assembled & Tested.  North American 110VAC to 9VDC Adapter, 6 Feet Long Screen Connection Wire, Instructions.

Batteries or Screen not included.

Includes shipping via Expedited Parcel Post (1- 2 weeks) to Canada or the Continental USA. 



SCREEN OUTPUT VOLTAGE OF 3 OR 4.5VDC WITH SELECTOR SWITCH & BATTERY HOLDERS. 11 D size batteries required (not included) ADD $20.00
12 Volt cigarette lighter plug input to various common power plug outputs. ADD $38.00

Please Email us

REMEMBER:   This is an experimental device.  No clinical studies have yet been performed by me. It is up to you to determine the best application for your needs. The links and information on this page are here to help guide you. I am always available to answer your questions.

I also accept checks, international money orders or Interact email. 


Francis Luze

Site 8 Box 23 RR2

Tofield, Alberta


T0B 4J0

Phone: (780) 662-3309


We appreciate your support, feed back and comments!  

More information about this device and ways of using it can be found Here.

Please visit my resource page or the library for more information about how to stay healthy.


Bonus With Every Pulsar

In the event of an emergency you have a box with 10 or 11  D-cell batteries that you can use in your flashlights.

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Experiments with the Pulsar

  1. Try placing a conductive screen or pad on top of your mattress underneath the sheet. The pad should cover most of the mattress.                conductive screen or pad on top of your mattress 

  2. Try placing a conductive screen or pad on top of your favorite chair.

  3. Try placing a conductive screen or pad on around or on top of a localized area that needs special attention.

                                  localized area                        localized area

  1. Try placing a conductive screen or pad on top car seat when traveling.

                                       conductive screen or pad on top car seat

  1. Try placing a conductive screen or pad in your pets bed.

  2. Try placing a conductive screen or pad under a potted plant.

  3. Connecting the pad to the Pulsar: Connect a wire from the pad to the device. The wire is connected to the pad with a alligator  clip or any suitable means. Connect the other end of the wire to the Pulsar's output jack (5-way binding post). Before plugging in it is useful to check the continuity between the opposite end of the pad and the plug end of the wire. If you don't have continuity, check the connection between the wire and the pad Plug in power supply cable to the silver power in jack.

  4. Try using the Pulsar in the Bath.  OBVIOUSLY YOU MUST USE EXTREME CAUTION. The device is safe use in the bath as long as the device is located away from the tub in dry spot.The AC adaptor should be plugged into a ground fault receptacle. You could also leave the control unit outside of the bathroom and feed the output wire under the door.

    To use the Pulsar in the bath place screen on the bottom of the tub or use a Stainless steel spoon, and hang the spoon so that the spoon end is in the bath and the handle sticks above the water. Connect the alligator clip of your Aura Cleanser to the handle of the spoon.   We have stuck this spoon to the bath using Duct tape.  Do  not put any bath product s in the bath water, i.e. no soap or bath salts.  It would be a good idea to allow at least two 15 minute cycles to go through, so a minimum of 30 minute treatment is suggested.

  1. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of good water per day. 

  2. It is highly recommended that you increase your intake of Vitamin C (available here) while using this device to help control free radicals and toxins that are pulled from the cells through electrical action. If the blood becomes overloaded, cardiovascular issues can arise. Vitamin C is known to remove many heavy metals and works to keep blood cells separated. It is an important component of our immune system and helps to repair damaged blood vessels. Start out with one gram with each meal and one at bedtime. Then after a week or two, increase your intake to two grams four times a day. Be sure you drink plenty of water – a liter of which should be reverse osmosis purified. You should take 5 g   = 5000 mg of vitamin C per day.  This should be taken throughout the day in 1 g lots, not taken all at once. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is by using  Vitamin C crystals they can easily be dissolved in any cold drink.  1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals is 1g = 1000 mg.

  3. If you are working to resolve a serious condition – especially a cardiovascular one – this detox program is recommended.   You should study Dr. McDaniel's Web Page to learn about the origins of this program and important information about cardiovascular disease.

  4. Milk ThistleTake the Herb Milk Thistle (Carduus Marianus) (available here) 20 drops four times per day, in between meals. This herb is specifically recommended by Lee Crock as an effective liver cleanser. (Herbs should usually be taken 2 hours after eating and then nothing to eat for 30 mins.  In the UK they are sold as health foods and therefore the labels will always  say take with food; this is the least effective way to use a herb).

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  1. Can I leave it switched on while I am away?  Yes.

  2. What happens if a metal item touches the screen? Nothing, this is OK.

  3. Can my body touch the screen? This is OK, but it is best not to touch the screen, a layer of material between you and the screen is preferable.

  4. Is it OK to put the screen under my Mattress? NOT if your mattress has metal springs or if it is thicker than 6”. The metal in your mattress will block the field.  You could make your mattress a bottom screen if your mattress has continuous springing,  i.e. they are all connected together.

  5. Can I use an electric blanket? NO, definitely not. The 110 VAC electricity in the electric blanket will probably disrupt the field from the Pulsar.

  6. Can I wear metal items?  They should not present a problem, but you may want to experiment without them.

  7. How long will the batteries last? D size batteries should last for at least two years – possibly three years.

  8. How can I test the batteries? Use a multi-meter. Each D size battery should read a minimum 1.5 volts. If the reading is below that it's time to change the batteries. When changing batteries it is important to replace all batteries in each group at the same time.  Do not mix old and new batteries. This could possibly cause a battery to leak.

  9. Is copper screen better than aluminum? Copper seems to have special qualities but aluminum is ok.  

  10. Are there any or have there been any clinical trials implemented using a Lee Crock Device such as the Pulsar? to my knowledge no formal studies have been done using this device.

  11. In your experience have any side effects been reported using a Lee Crock Device such as the Pulsar? The machine only empties and fills the cells nothing else. You can’t hurt anything by cleaning it. So, none to my knowledge.

  12. Are there any side effects from using the machine? The only side effect I know of is when someone is really sick and they feel very tired. Some reports of flu like symptoms for a day or so. Remember this is only a 3.5 DC voltage field and no current.

  13. What does the energy cleaner actually do? The exact function at a cellular level is unknown. It has not been studied for that. I have a theory but it is just that, a theory.

  14. How do you know if the machine is working? If you are progressing and feel relaxed, unstressed, along with generally feeling better, more energy, something is working.

  15. How long before I should start noticing a change? Each person relaxes at a different rate. Each person has allowed different areas to breakdown over different amounts of time. There is no set answer. Actually a change will occur when you allow it.

  16. How long should a session last?  It would be a good idea to allow at least two 15 minute cycles, so a minimum of a 30 minute treatment is suggested. We sleep with the device on every evening. Every so often it may useful to take a few days break. You will have to discover what works best for you.

  17. I would like to know what is the purpose of alternating between positive and negative DC voltage every 15 minutes rather than maintaining a constant (+) or (-) current? The theory is that the cells are emptied and refilled every 15 minutes by alternating the voltage polarity.

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Making Your Own Pads or Screens

Making your own pads or screens is easy. A variety of materials will work as long as they are conductive; which means that electricity will flow through them. The easiest way to tell is to use a meter with a continuity function; simply attach test leads to opposite corners of the material you plan to use and see if it is conductive. All pads or screens that we provide are tested and guaranteed to perform the function in which they are supposed to.

Some Material Suggestions

  • Aluminum Window Screen

Get a roll of window screen that is about as wide as the bed – 36 x 84 inches or 48" x 84". ( Use 2 – 36" x 84" screens for a King Size Bed.)  Put a layer of "duct tape" over the edges. It makes for a slightly better job if you fold the "cut edges" over about ˝ inch.   You might want to wear gloves.

Use a few safety pins to hold the screen in place on top of the mattress. We reccomend covering the screen with a mattress pad. The extra length is pulled up behind the headboard of the bed – we use the whole roll, which is 84 inches long by various widths.

At a convenient location remove about 1.25 inch of the tape to create a spot to attach the alligator clip. It may be useful to put a rubber band around the jaws of the clip to help keep them securely closed.

  • Aluminum Foil

Heavy-duty aluminum foil which is inexpensive can be used to make smaller pads for local application. The foil can be placed inside a pillowcase or towel to insulate it from the person.

  • Space Blankets (some types)

Some types of Space or survival blankets will work. You have to check for conductivity. The disadvantages are they can be noisy, are difficult to make a good connection to and have a tendency to tear.

  • Copper Screen

Copper, a trace element, is accepted world-wide for its healing properties and its role in defending against infection. It improves the build-up of red blood cells and supports the take-up of iron. The theory is if that copper is close to the skin, we are feeding our bodies with tiny but constant top-ups of copper (Copper is one of the 25 essential minerals we need in small amounts for the bodies chemistry to work properly).

Copper Therapy is known to have helped in the treatment of many ailments including:

  • Arthritis
  • Defends Against Infection
  • Joint Pain
  • Rheumatism

We offer bare copper screen or ready to use pads. Go here for details.

Lee Crock gets a wire material for his pads that is used to shield electronic equipment from:

 Your ALT-Text here Belleville Wire Cloth Co., Inc
18 Rutgers Avenue
Cedar Grove,
NJ   07009
Phone: 800–631–0490



  • Other Conductive Materials

We have found an excellent site that supplies a wide selection of conductive materials and ready made garments that may be of interest to people who wish to experiment here.  

Another possible source of conductive materials are suppliers of static discharge devices. Here's one possible link.

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>>>>>   Some Suggested Reading Material    <<<<<

Visit the Library for more details on the following books

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"Can't find what you are looking for? Try Google Search."



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