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The Cure for All Diseases: With Many Case Histories
by Hulda Regehr Clark (Author)

All diseases have simple explanations and cures once their true cause is known. Doctor Hulda Clark explains the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and gives specific instruction for their cure through natural remedies and an electrical device you can build at home.


Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual: Experimental Procedures for Biological Investigations Using Syncrometry
by H.R. Clark (Author)

Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual is a college-level manual with a plastic comb binding which will find its audience with students interested in making a Syncrometer and devising experiments for its use. These biology students will receive a thorough grounding in experimental procedures using syncrometry, from plate-zapping to new techniques for cancer therapy. A technical guide packed with explanations and tips on applying the syncrometer to research.

The Cure for All Cancers: With 100 Case Histories
by Hulda Regehr Clark (Author)

Yes, I have read the book. No, I have not had cancer - simply an interest in herbal medicine & simple therapies that can be easily and cheaply applied by those who love someone who is suffering. People have said that the names in case studies have been changed so it is difficult to follow up (insinuating perhaps these 'case studies' are not real people?). I regard this complaint as minor - what book with case studies DOESN'T change the names to protect privacy? I read the book & found it very interesting - I guess I wonder what would be found out if the regular researchers (eg unis etc) spent only 1/20 of the amount they spend on developing new technology in simply researching (with an open mind) what Hulda proposes. But just imagine if it was found that what she says is true! They would all be out of a job! No more research needed - just the ability to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health by following some simple steps. My thoughts were - the causes really do seem plausible enough. And I know that if I were diagnosed with cancer I would be more than willing to spend a few dollars on some herbs to follow the program before proceeding with western hit or miss approaches. I guess when you read a testimony of someone who says "I" or "My mother" had cancer, followed the program & got well... what more can you say? Two or three witnesses should be listened to - usually ordinary people, they have nothing to gain or lose from their testimony - no profit, no glory. Can you say the same for others who speak against Hulda's findings?

Cure for All Advanced Cancers
by Hulda Regehr Clark (Author)

We are all brainwashed since birth that everything your doctor says is correct. Come to find out, very little of what they say is correct. Doctors are good for ocationally diagnosing, or if you have a broken arm they can mend it. But if you are ill and desire to be healed, the last place you want to go is to a doctors office. They know nothing of healing. All they can do is despense drugs that the pharmicudical industry tells them they should. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. That is where this book comes into play. If you have cancer, eventually the doctor will send you home to die, because they have run out of varried poisons, (chemo) to pump into your body. Do you think that something that makes your hair fall out is good for you? After they send you home, stop taking any and all drugs, follow this book and Dr. Hulda Clarks previous books as well, & you have a very good chance of living a long healthy life. There are other protocols, such as raising your ph level, & Dr. Becks protcol that work in conjuction with this, read about them. ...

The Cure for HIV and AIDS: With 68 Case Histories
by Hulda Regehr Clark (Author)

Reviewer: Beverly C. Sanders from Baltimore, MD, USA I REPEAT, God bless you my sweet woman for you have provided a remedy to the world's largest disease. I should have known that it would take a smart woman to solve the riddle of life. Your altruistic outpouring will be enjoyed world-wide. To know that the cure is inexpensive and nonpharmaceutical, is a joy. I read the 2003 version of your book. It is truly sad that the naysayers could think of nothing else to do with themselves but pollute the reviews of your books. Rest assured that those among us who see through their charade could care less what they have to say. One needs only to speak to some of the people you have cured or otherwise cleaned up their health through your advise. No one on the planet earth has explained the science of the digestive track and workings of the body and its organs as well as you have. Even I, a laywoman could follow your instructions. I don't have the disease but I sure intent to practice some of your preventive health features to avoid parasites, worms, and other microscopic organisms. So my dear lady, thank you millions, no trillions. I have given this book the highest rating I have ever given out, which is 5 stars and I truly hope everybody on the planet reads it and implements the instructions. Smiles, Beverly C. Sanders

The Cancer Conspiracy: Betrayal, Collusion and the Suppression of Alternative Cancer Treatments
by Barry Lynes (Author)

Few people are aware of the deep, criminal activities by organized medicine, top university medical researchers, drug companies, and high-ranking government "health" officials which perpetuated the crisis that gave birth to the grassroots demands for choice in health care. In his latest book, Cancer Conspiracy, world reknown, Rife Energy Medicine researcher Barry Lynes describes in great detail the atrocious actions by those in power and the unapproved remedies and cures developed by Rife, that have been suppressed for decades. It's time to learn the truth.

Quest for Zero Point Energy: Engineering Principles for Free Energy
by Moray B. King (Author)

Free energy and anti-gravity are new solutions to the world's energy crisis. Rarely mentioned in the media-- even as power shortages cripple the U.S.-- Zero-Point Energy can transform our earth to a self-sustaining, pollution-free planet. The basic theory of Zero Point Energy maintains that there are fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded within the fabric of space. By identifying the densest energy; and then using today's technology to balance the energy flow, we can acquire free energy which doesn't deplete the earth. Filled with detailed diagrams, patents, and photos, the chapters include: * Fundamentals of Zero-Point Energy Technology * Tapping Zero-Point Energy as an Energy Source * Vacuum Energy Vortices * The Super Tube * Charge Clusters

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold
by Laurence Gardner (Author)

An amazing story about white powder gold (orme)


Bloodline of the Holy GrailBloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed
by Laurence Gardner (Author)

From royal and suppressed archives comes documented proof of the heritage of Jesus in the West and the long awaited discovery of the Holy Grail. In fulfilling this time-honored quest, penetrating new light is cast upon the Grail Code of Service and the venerated feminine element, upheld in chivalry but forsaken by the Church in order to forge a male dominated society. This unique work offers revelatory insight concerning the descendent heirs of Jesus and his brother James while, in documenting a hidden legacy of the Messiah, it unveils hitherto guarded facts about characters such as Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. Tracing the sacred lineage through centuries of persecution and Inquisition, Bloodline of the Holy Grail reveals a systematic suppression of authentic records and a strategic manipulation of the New Testament Gospels. Featuring all the charm and adventure of Arthurial romance, coupled with enthralling Rosicrucian and Templar disclosures, this extraordinary work has a cutting edge of intrigue that removes the established blanket of enigma to expose one of the greatest conspiracies ever told.

ISBN: 1931412928

Realm of the Ring Lords: The Myth and Magic of the Grail QuestRealm of the Ring Lords: The Myth and Magic of the Grail Quest
by Laurence Gardner (Author)

The magical history of the Ring Lords, alluded to in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings, has been largely consigned to legend and half-remembered battles between good and evil. Shrouded in supernatural enigma, its legacy lives on in fascinating tales of fairies, elves, witches, and vampires. The most popular Grail stories relate to Arthurian tales of Guinevere’s golden Ring and the great iron-clad Ring of Camelot-the Knights of the Round Table. When this Ring was broken, the land fell into chaos and the forces of darkness reigned over the earth, starlight, and forest. Why do we sense deeper truths behind the mysteries of the Ring and the Grail? Why have their common enhancements been distorted and hidden? The ancient guardians of our culture have never featured positively in academic teachings, for they were the Shining Ones: the real progenitors of our heritage. Instead, their reality was quashed from the earliest days of Inquisitional suppression and the literal diminution of their figures caused a parallel diminishing of their history. In truth, however, the sovereign legacy of our culture comes from a place and time that might just as well be called Middle-earth as by any other name. It lingers beyond the twilight portal in the long distant Realm of the Ring Lords.

ISBN: 1931412146

Genesis of the Grail Kings: The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of JesusGenesis of the Grail Kings: The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus
by Laurence Gardner (Author)

From beneath the windswept sands of ancient Mesopotarnia comes the documented legacy of the creation chamber of the heavenly Anunnaki. Here is the story of the clinical cloning of Adam and Eve, which predates Bible scripture by more than 2,000 years. From cuneiform texts, cylinder seals, and suppressed archives, best-selling historian and distinguished genealogist Laurence Gardner tells the ultimate story of the alchemical bloodline of the Holy Grail, including: -Hidden secrets of the Tables of Testimony -Anti-gravitational science of the pyramid pharaohs -A history of God and the lords of eternity -Disclosures of the Phoenix and the Philosophers' Stone -The superconductive powers of monatomic gold -A genetic key to the evolutionary Missing Link -Active longevity and the Star Fire magic of Eden.

 ISBN: 1931412936

The Book of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus and the Secret Key to the Life of JesusThe Book of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus
by Christopher Knight (Author), Robert Lomas (Author)

From the Inside Flap
The long forgotten early rituals of Freemasonry uncover a parallel story to the Bible -- events the Bible doesn’t mention. Readers learn about a secret theology based on the ancient science of astronomy -- once the exclusive property of kings and high priests. Here the collection of ancient Masonic texts has been distilled into a complete narrative which the authors call: The Masonic Testament. In it, they describe the unexpected foundation of Masonic philosophy.

ISBN: 0712694382

Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels, and Other EmissariesDivine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels, and Other Emissaries
by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

Explains the links between the Bible and ancient Sumerian texts, probing the age-old question of the relationship between humanity and its creators.
* Challenges scientific maxims of the basis of human life.
* Draws fascinating parallels between the leaders of the Anunnaki (from the 12th planet) and Yahweh.
* A comprehensive new look at the history of man.

ISBN: 0380780763 paper ISBN: 1879181886 hc

The Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth ChroniclesThe Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles
by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

Zecharia Sitchen's The 12th Planet is the starting point on a quest that spans six books and 20 years worth of ancient aliens, genetic manipulation, and scrutiny of linguistic minutiae. If we trust Sitchen's translation abilities, we must be prepared for the imminent return of an alien race who created us some 3,600 years ago. The 12th Planet is perhaps the best written of Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series; full of example after example of ancient Sumerian passages, astronomical observations, archaeological finds, and technological coincidences supporting his theories. The price we pay for all this evidence is a bit of a dry read at times, but the ideas Sitchin proposes are more than scintillating enough to make up for the overtly scholastic tone of his text. --Brian Patterson

ISBN: 038039362X

Genesis Revisited: Is Modern Science Catching Up with Ancient Knowledge?Genesis Revisited: Is Modern Science Catching Up with Ancient Knowledge?
by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

Sitchin posits that the Book of Genesis and key Sumerian and ancient Egyptian sources reflect the highest levels of scientific knowledge, and that what we are discovering today about Earth and the heavens is, in fact, a rediscovery of what had been known to a much earlier civilization.

ISBN: 1879181908


The Wars of Gods and MenThe Wars of Gods and Men
by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

Eons ago, the Earth was a battlefield. Mighty armies clashed, led by giant warriors meticulously skilled in the art of combat. These wars would shape man's destiny and live on for centuries in legend, song and religious lore -- brutal and terrible conflicts that began lifetimes earlier on another planet.

In the astonishing third volume of Zecharia Sitchin's The Earth Chronicles, the internationally renowned scholar parts the mists of myth and time to return to the violent beginnings of humanity -- employing ancient text, religious documents and archaeological findings to reconstruct epic events that support the existence of extraterrestrial "god" who once set nation against nation, army against army, and man against man.

ISBN: 0380895854

The Earth Chronicles Expeditions: Journeys to the Mythical Past
by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

Zecharia Sitchin's autobiographical recounting of a half century of investigative expeditions to unravel the enigmas of ancient civilizations and their gods.

• Includes vivid accounts of explorations in Greece, Thera, Crete, Egypt, the Sinai, Israel, Jordan, and Mesoamerica.

• Reveals behind-the-scenes findings in museums and archaeological sites.

• Contains 60 color and 159 black-and-white images from the author's personal archive, including previously unpublished photographic evidence of UFOs in biblical times.

For the first time, Zecharia Sitchin, author of the bestselling The Earth Chronicles series, reveals the foundational research and adventurous expeditions that resulted in the concrete evidence for his conclusions that ancient myths were recollections of factual events, that the gods of ancient peoples were visitors to Earth from another planet, and that we are not alone in our own solar system. In the course of his investigations Sitchin also became convinced of the veracity of the Bible. Sitchin's expeditions take readers from the Yucatan peninsula to the isle of Crete to ancient Egypt and the lands of the Bible as he explores the links between the Old World and the New World. His adventurous exploits reveal archaeological cover-ups concerning Olmec origins in Mexico and ancient UFO artifacts in Turkey. Other quests send him through the holy sites of Jerusalem, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon in search of evidence of extraterrestrial gods in the artifacts and murals of these ancient civilizations. The Earth Chronicles Expeditions is a masterful historical and archaeological adventure into the origins of mankind and a "must" guidebook for all who wish to visit the numerous sites and museums covered in this book.

ISBN: 1591430364

When Time Began: Book V of the Earth ChroniclesWhen Time Began: Book V of the Earth Chronicles
by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

The Architects of Stonehenge

They came to Earth thousands of years ago to usher in mankind's first New Age of scientific growth and spiritual enlightenment. Under the guidance of these ancient visitors from the heavens, human civilization flourished -- as revolutionary advances in art, science and thought swept through the inhabited world. And they left behind magnificent monuments -- baffling monoliths and awesome, towering structures that stand to this day as testaments to their greatness.

In this extraordinarily documented, meticulously researched work, Zecharia Sitchin draws remarkable correlations between the events that shape our civilization in millennia past -- pinpointing with astonishing accuracy the tumultuous beginning of time as we know it . . . and revealing to us the indisputable signature of extraterrestrial god indelibly written in stone

ISBN: 0380770717

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of LifeThe Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
by Robert Becker, Gary Selden

In this landmark book, Robert O. Becker, M.D., a pioneer in the field of bioelectric science, presents a fascinating look at the role electricity plays in healing, challenging the traditional mechanistic model of the body. Colorful and controversial, this is a tale of engrossing research, scientific and medical politics, and breakthrough discoveries that offer new possibilities for fighting disease and harnessing the body's healing powers.

ISBN: 0688069711

Cross Currents: The Promise of Electromedicine, the Perils of ElectropollutionCross Currents: The Promise of Electromedicine, the Perils of Electropollution
by Robert O. Becker

Becker explores the healing potential and adverse effects of electricity. Many alternative therapies attempt to tap the curative abilities of electromagnetism, and Becker thinks they are often effective modalities which do not have the dangerous side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and other mainstream medical procedures. On the opposite side of the coin, he reviews the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields from such sources as common household appliances, power lines, and computers--risks exhaustively exposed in Paul Brodeur's Currents of Death ( LJ 10/1/89). This accessible book is recommended for public libraries.
- Judith Eannarino, George Washington Univ. Lib., Washington, D.C. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc

ISBN: 0874776090

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy TherapiesVibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

by Richard Gerber M.D.

The original comprehensive guide to energetic healing with a new preface by the author and updated resources. * More than 125,000 copies sold. * Explores the actual science of etheric energies, replacing the Newtonian worldview with a new model based on Einstein's physics of energy. * Summarizes key points at the end of each chapter to help the serious student absorb and retain the wealth of information presented.

This combination of ancient wisdom and new science is the definitive introduction to health care for modern times. The standard reference book on energetic healing, Vibrational Medicine has gained widespread acceptance by individuals, schools, and health-care institutions nationwide as the textbook of choice for the study of alternative medicine. Trained in a variety of alternative therapies as well as conventional Western medicine, Dr. Gerber provides an encyclopedic treatment of energetic healing, covering subtle-energy fields, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, chakras, meditation, and psychic healing. He explains current theories about how various energy therapies work and offers readers new insights into the physical and spiritual perspectives of health and disease.

ISBN: 1879181584

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy TherapiesEnergy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy Therapies

by James L., Ph.D. Oschman, Candace, Ph.D. Pert (Foreword)

There is growing interest world wide in the field of mind-body medicine and the effect which the natural "energy forces" within the body play in the maintenance of normal health and wellbeing. This in turn has led to interest in how these energies or forces may be channelled to assist in healing and restoration to health. This book, written by a well known scientist with a degree in biophysics and a PhD in biology, brings together for the first time evidence from a wide range of disciplines which is beginning to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies.
ISBN: 0443062617

Energy MedicineEnergy Medicine

by Donna Eden, et al

The first practical guide to using energy medicine to improve physical vitality, emotional health, and mental acuity.

"Even the most hard-nosed doctor will admit that some people have a healing presence that makes us--and our immune system--better than before. Donna Eden is one of those rare healers."--Gloria Steinem

World-renowned healer Donna Eden is able to literally see the body's energy keypoints and meridians. In Energy Medicine, she tells readers how they, too, can visualize these energy systems, determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of these energies, and devise highly effective treatments to remedy specific ailments and injuries. This is the only interactive guide that shows how you can work with energy to strengthen the immune, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems; alleviate pain, emotional stress, and depression; and improve memory and learning skills.

In health conferences throughout the world, Eden consistently exhilarates and amazes her audiences. Blending intuitive genius with a profound grasp of how the body functions as an energy system, Donna Eden's unique approach to energy medicine integrates Eastern, Celtic, and Western healing arts.

Illustrated with black-and-white line art throughout.

ISBN: 1585420212

Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect OurselvesElectromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves
by B. Blake Levitt

A frank, informative book explaining what electromagnetic fields are; what illnesses may have a strong connection to EMFs; how the safety of homes and offices can be determined; what action citizens can take toward protection. Illustrations.

ISBN: 0156281007


Royal R. Rife: Humanitarian, Betrayed and PersecutedRoyal R. Rife: Humanitarian, Betrayed and Persecuted

by Gerald F. Foye

Royal Raymond Rife, (6/16/1888 - 8/5/1971), inventor, innovator, researcher, optical technician, microbiologist. A true genius, a man of phenomenal capabilities. Rife was not satisfied with the limited capabilities of microscopes of the era due to insufficient magnification and inability to view microorganisms in their live, natural state. In order to solve these troublesome issues Rife spent years in optical research before he was able to design and construct a microscope to meet his requirements.

On completion of his Rife Prismatic Virus Microscope, Rife was able to view a previously hidden microscopic realm never before seen by man. A new understanding of microorganisms allowed Rife to identify, isolate and manipulate disease causing organisms including cancer. He thus was able to cure major diseases including cancer. This was done with a system of radiant frequency energy emission - a simple, non-invasive procedure.

Although Rife proved over-and-over that diseases could be controlled with his simple concept, the world of medical science was not ready for such technology and refused to accept it.

The material in this book covers the historical background of Rife and his concepts of radiant frequency energy healing.

ISBN: 0965961338

Bioelectromagnetic Healing: A Rationale for its UseBioelectromagnetic Healing: A Rationale for its Use

by Thomas Valone

This is an excellent lay review of the subject of Bioelectromagnetics written in an easy to understand language. Although this is a complex subject the reader is not required to have a background in engineering or biology to understand the clearly explained scientific research in this new and exciting area of research. This book is somewhat unique in that it also covers subjects not typically discused in a book of this type. For example Dr. Valone talks about the fascinating subject that the body is sensitive to visible light (a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum) and that the body also emits visible light. Most reviewers only cover the lower frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thus this book is easy to read and comprehensive and can therefore be highly recommended.

ISBN: 0964107058

Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body MedicineMolecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

by Candace B. Pert

Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as parts of an interconnected system?

In her groundbreaking book Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert provides startling and decisive answers to these and other challenging questions that scientists and philosophers have pondered for centuries.

Her pioneering research on how the chemicals inside our bodies form a dynamic information network, linking mind and body, is not only provocative, it is revolutionary. By establishing the biomolecular basis for our emotions and explaining these new scientific developments in a clear and accessible way, Pert empowers us to understand ourselves, our feelings, and the connection between our minds and our bodies -- body-minds -- in ways we could never possibly have imagined before.

Molecules of Emotion is a landmark work, full of insight and wisdom and possessing that rare power to change the way we see the world and ourselves.
ISBN: 0684846349

Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Energy Medicine in Therapeutics & Human Performance)Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Energy Medicine in Therapeutics & Human Performance)
by James L., Ph.D. Oschman

Focusing on the wealth of information emerging in the area of energy medicine, this unique resource explores mechanisms by which mind and body processes influence the body's healing and performance potential. Content draws on an extraordinary range of sources to explore theories of human energy - from physiology and biophysics, to examples drawn from the realms of "spontaneous healing," cutting-edge athletic and artistic performance, the martial arts, and various contemplative and spiritual practices. Providing new insights and theoretical models, it offers ways to apply these concepts directly, practically, and clinically.
ISBN: 0750654007

Your Body Doesn't LieYour Body Doesn't Lie
by John Diamond

ISBN: 0446358479



Energy TappingEnergy Tapping

by Fred Gallo, Fred P. Gallo

Are you tired of just talking about your problems? Have you been struggling to change your life, to lose weight, or eliminate a painful memory? Energy Tapping is an exciting, breakthrough book in the field of self-help. It is a wonderful guide to the power of our own bodies. The acu-pressure techniques in Energy Tapping will help you to stop sabotaging your life. You can control chronic anger or learn to stop picking the wrong person for a relationship.

Each chapter explores a different problem and provides a step-by-step approach with simple diagrams that identify the meridian points to tap. And each treatment can be completed in less than a minute. The techniques in Energy Tapping can help you reach peak performance at work, in sports, or in your personal life.

The theory is that an imbalance in your energy system creates chronic problems and self-sabotaging beliefs. Instead of endlessly analyzing your life, you will quickly learn how to free yourself from fear, chronic anger, and food cravings, or how to overcome feelings of depression and trauma.

ISBN: 1572241950

The Hidden Messages in WaterThe Hidden Messages in Water
by Masaru Emoto

The Hidden Messages in Water is an eye-opening theory showing how water is deeply connected to people's individual and collective consciousness. Drawing from his own research, scientific researcher, healer, and popular lecturer Dr. Masaru Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold, and even retransmit human feelings and emotions. Using high-speed photography, he found that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward it. Music, visual images, words written on paper, and photographs also have an impact on the crystal structure. Emoto theorizes that since water has the ability to receive a wide range of frequencies, it can also reflect the universe in this manner. He found that water from clear springs and water exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns, while polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and the Earth is 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously expressing love and goodwill.
ISBN: 1582701148

Attunement: Love Made VisibleAttunement: Love Made Visible, by Chris Jorgensen

is a 300-page, first of its kind, workbook conveying the basics of Attunement, how the attunement process works and the spirituality behind attunement. The easy reading workbook is full of guided exercises, study questions, attunement techniques, numerous charts and diagrams, an understanding of the human anatomy, and information that assists in the discovery of Self.



Attunement:The Creators MagicAttunement:The Creators Magic, by Chris Jorgensen

is a 278-page advanced Attunement workbook dedicated to the late Roger deWinton, Attunement Mentor and Teacher, and is considered to be an expansive exploration of topics contained in the workbook Attunement: Love Made Visible. With thoughts and quotes from many people, contents include Attunement principles as they relate to the One Law, Creative Field Technology and Attunement Cosmology. Topics such as spiritual psychiatry, cycles of human development from conception to puberty to adulthood, as well as a look at human history, are also included. There is an in-depth chapter on the Seven Seals, their related endocrine glands and spirits. Chapters on Energy and Patterns, Self, Long-Distance, Animal (with personal stories) and Weather Attunement, and the Design of Being and World History complete this workbook. There are a number of Attunement techniques such as the Chakra Balancing Technique, Alimentary Canal Technique and others. Colorful charts and diagrams illustrate all of the above to assist in the next level of the never-ending consideration/story of Attunement.

Attunement:The Energy of BeingA beginner's guide to Attunement: The Energy of Being, by Chris Jorgensen is a 50-page introductory book for Attunement. It is an easy-to-read, colorful book with photos, graphics, study questions and exercises to assist in opening the door to the world of Attunement. There are chapters in this book introducing the reader to the energy of Being, ethics, the One Law, creative fields, Attunement cosmology, Attunement and world history, the endocrine system, hand positions for the Eight-Step Protocol and much more.



 Attunement: The Sacred Landscape

Attunement: The Sacred Landscape*  By Laurence Layne
Exploring the Soul through Radiant Healing. Published by The Florida School of Attunement and Natural Healing,1997, spiral bound, 79pp. This is a useful, practical book.




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