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ORME: Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements

Here, We are Exploring the Real Science that is Proving ...

All is One, and One is All, and We are All Together.

David Hudson's  "Grand Science Adventure"
( The Making of a True Wizard )

David Hudson — a cotton farmer — is a very good story-teller. He is speaking to an audience of non-professionals about an adventure that started on his farm during soil analysis. He is talking about his personal experiences in the everyday real world of science, as he explores his obsessive mystery using the best analytical equipment on the planet. These audio clips present basic concepts, which must be understood by everyone who is involved with the sciences, or engineering.   For others, Hudson presents some very fascinating history about the Middle East and the "Dark Ages".

I have added material to help produce a very non-mathematical, "high resolution" look at the electromagnetic interactions of our bio-system.  Interactions between atoms is what chemistry and biology are all about, and is a main focus at this web site.   From an engineering stand point, the first and primary focus of our studies is to learn the role that electrons play in helping to manifest the dynamic world of which we are a part.

Electrons are binary creatures. They spin on their axis, buzz all over the place — usually in well defined orbits when single — and are used as "feed stock" for natural transmutational processes — radio is one example.  A radio tower is analogous to a flashing light bulb — flashing to ( with ) the beat of the music. Radio waves are a form of light ( electro-magnetic energy ) that we create from electrical power.

It is easy to view the electron's whole life style as one gigantic cosmic dance. The topic of superconductivity is very useful, if one cares to understand the nature of the dance floor, and the cosmic music, which makes these silver balls dance. 

Listen to David Hudson tell the story of his "Science Adventure."
Watch David Hudson in your mind, as he becomes a "True Wizard" during his Grand Adventure of Discovery.

( "Presented for the layman by a layman"   — David Hudson — Cotton Farmer )

"David Hudson at the Ranch"  —  November 16, 1995

Part One - mp3     Part Two - mp3     Part Three - mp3     Part Four - mp3

Discussions of Science Journal References and Test Results
Part Five - mp3     Part Six - mp3     Part Seven - mp3     Part Eight - mp3     Part Nine - mp3

Meisner Field Excerpt

This is the Second Part of Hudson's  "David Hudson at the Ranch"  Lecture.

David Hudson's  Background Studies  of the  "White Powder of Gold"
The quest for the magical "Elixir of Life" caused many to go mad from mercury poisoning.
[ These sound clips explain much about the "mental madness" that occurred in Europe and Asia. ]

At first,  forget about the science and listen to the history involving the Middle East.
[ "Ark of the Covenant"  “Philosopher’s Stone“  “Holy Grail”  "Elixir of Life"  “White Powder of Gold”  "Immortality” ]

This picture is a video capture 
of a large screen being imaged by a 
over-head projector. Therefore the 
image is distorted.
Remember that supper conducting materials 
need to be energized. Look at the picture for 
clues on how this is to be done. 
Other Egyptian paintings, not discussed by 
Hudson, explain more.

Part One – mp3   —   Pyramid Energizer ?
<=== Image for this clip

Part Two – mp3   —   "Walking With God"
  "Ark of the Covenant"

Part Three – mp3  

Part Four – mp3
Mono-atomic elements
are required for nutrition.


bullet Questioner  One – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Two – mp3
bullet Questioner  Three – mp3
bullet Questioner  Four – mp3
bullet Questioner  Five – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Six – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Seven – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Eight – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Nine – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Ten – mp3
bullet Questioner  Eleven – mp3  
bullet Questioner  Twelve – mp3
bullet Questioner  Thirteen – mp3

If you enjoy these sound clips, and think you might want to listen to them again, Please, save them to your hard drive so we don't overload my web server. In this way, you will have more bandwidth to explore the links and images that are posted here.

David Hudson spent 8.7 million dollars learning this Scientific Information.

He used the BEST Test Equipment we have here on this planet !!!

He documented that ...

  1. There exists in nature large quantities of atoms that exist singularly — They are not bonded to anything — "Mono-atomic Atoms."  ( ORME – Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements )


  2. The transition group of elements have a large population of these mono–atomic atoms ( monatomic ) existing naturally in nature.
    [ Hudson found large quantities on mono–atomic elements in the soil of his farm.
    bullet 6–8 oz. per ton of Palladium   ( 187.5–250 ppm )
    bullet 12–13 oz. per ton of Platinum   ( 375–406.25 ppm )
    bullet 10–12 oz. per ton of Gold   ( 312.5–375 ppm )
    bullet 150 oz. per ton of Osmium   ( 4,687.5 ppm )
    bullet 250 oz. per ton of Ruthenium   ( 7,812.5 ppm )
    bullet 600 oz. per ton of Iridium   ( 18,750 parts per million )
    bullet 1,200 oz. per ton of Rhodium   ( 37,500 ppm )   [ 3.75%  !!! ]

    Since plants contain some of all the elements that are present in the soil in which they are grown, we need to learn the role these elements have in our biology.

    These tests only measured Rhodium and Iridium.
    bullet 4 oz. Carrot Juice  —  Rhodium: 127 milligrams  ( aprox. 1,133 ppm ) — Iridium: "small amounts"
    bullet 4 oz. Concord Grape Juice  —  Rhodium: 127 mg — Iridium: 48 mg  ( 429 ppm )
    bullet 4 oz. Essiac tea  —  Rhodium: 12 mg — Iridium: 120 mg  ( 1,071 ppm )
    bullet 1 oz. Aloe vera Gel  —  Rhodium: 60 mg — Iridium: 10 mg

    ORMUS Effects On Plants

  3. Elements do not display metallic properties until they group into clusters of 2 – 33, or even more atoms.


  4. Most of our scientific analytical instruments are only calibrated to detect the "metallic groupings" of elements and fail to report "high spin mono–atomic atoms" and single atoms (or small groups) as being present in the sample.


  5. Some of these elements can become "High Temperature Superconductors" when their nuclei are in "High Spin State."  ( S-ORME [ A many atom system of ] Super Conducting Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements )


  6. Mono-atomic Rhodium and Iridium have been found in pig and cow brains at a rate of about 5% of the dry weight matter.  This suggests that these elements have a very important function in higher mammals ( at least ).  


  7. Many food plants, herbs, etc. can, and do concentrate these elements, when they are present in the soil. This is one indication of an essential element.


  8. Optimal Health most likely cannot be achieved without these elements in our diets — there are more than 34 different atoms involved.


  9. Super Conducting mono–atomic elements show great promise for advanced technology devices such as fuel cells and batteries and also, for the creation of new advanced materials.



An ORME History

Ascension Alchemy
Authentic sacrament of the Ancients Pure gold ormus in true powder form




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