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James M. McCanney, M.S. (Physics) 

a new light and a new day ... here is a message for all enlightened people of the world who understand and look up to the heavens to wonder at the creator ... no matter what your earthly sect or belief system may be ... 

HERE IS A QUESTION TO PONDER ... to the many who have studied Astronomy or even read about it in the newspapers, there seems to be recurring and dominating statements made over and over by professional astronomers and space scientists that might convince you that they in fact know what they are doing ... the amazing machines sent forth to study the universe would make you believe that the interpretation of data that is returned would be as exact and precise and unerring ... the reality is that there is an entire political correctness arena in "science" and it is rapidly breaking down ... most of the public are intuitively aware that something is very wrong with what they are being told, but have too little information with which to really see the details of this very complex topic ... NASA knows this and that is why they let out painfully little information to the public ...

My home page hopes to accomplish two things ... one is to show the flaws in "traditional thought and theory" so the lay person as well as the trained scientist will see the troubles in this "body of knowledge" ... and secondly to replace these "axioms" with a set of concepts that truly make sense once you have reversed and cleansed your mind of its programming and begin to see things in an entirely new light ... the light that we live in an Electric Universe (a term i coined in my original papers in 1979) ... also beware of the many copycat pages by non-scientists on the internet today ... the original and well thought out work of my past decades are contained only on my home page ... now ponder this question ... 

how could it be that the vast efforts within standard academic circles are so out of touch with reality??? even with the most sophisticated scientific equipment ever conceived by man (within our miniscule recorded history anyway) searching to the far reaches of the universe ??? ...    home page


"The James McCanney Science Hour - At the Crossroads"

Weekly Radio Show and Archives

Now heard world wide - live on the internet and short wave 

1) 7 PM Eastern Time Thursdays - WWCR Shortwave 5.070 MHz (my show also streams on ... go to and click on "LISTEN ONLINE" and select wwcr3 )

2) 9 PM Eastern Time Thursdays - 

3) Archives of all shows are available ... HERE

I highly recommend these books by Professor James McCanney

Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes   by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S.

         200 pages perfect bound    This book would normally retail for nearly $30 but to get this information out to the public I am reducing the price as much as possible to assure everyone has access to a copy of this book..  It will tell you what to look for as well as the wide range of earth-changes you may see or experience upon an encroaching Planet-X.  Learn why it will ignite into a huge comet as it enters the solar system and the "actions-at-a-distance" that could drastically affect life on Earth. Learn why the information NASA will tell you is disinformation based on incorrect archaic astronomical theories.  "A must for understanding past and future events. " 

Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes

Surviving Planet-X Passage  by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S.

A 60 page pamphlet ... a guide to expected "Earth Changes" and how to survive them is based on historical records of past events and the theoretical work detailed in the Planet -X Comets and Earth Changes book.  It contains FAQs (frequently asked questions) with answers, a section on myths and misinformation being propagated on the internet today, a 12 month time scenario for the time prior to the passage of a Planet-X type of object including "action at a distance" effects.  It discusses Earth's current orbital and rotational elements so the common man can understand.  The most important section deals with survival after a natural disaster (including a a pole shift) and how to rebuild a calendar in one afternoon and night from a pile of rocks to determine the dates for correct planting seasons.  After any natural or man made disaster, the first thing to be lost is time and the calendar which are essential to survival.  This little pamphlet shows you how to rebuild both time and a calenday from just a pile of rocks.  The only civilizations that survived the previous pole shifts all were able to rebuild the calendar.  Those that did not ... did not survive.

Surviving Planet-X Passage

Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection  by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S. 

      140 pages perfect bound (same format and page size as the first book of the series Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes).  This book should be self explanatory in its nature and importance.

Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection

"Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather" (290 pages perfect bound) ..  this book culminates my life work to date on weather with copyrights ranging from 1979 to 2004 ... it was written to be the premiere text in the field and like all of my books, written for the general public as well as the Ph. D. scientist with in depth explanations so you will understand the concepts ... it also contains advanced material for those that have followed my work ... jim mccanney

"Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather"

""Calculate Primes" BOOK and DVD combination

This book has been written for the general public.  The "Calculate Primes" book is 93 pages of text including a 10 page preface that relates parts of my past not made public before ... there are 20 chapters and the DVD includes a lecture approximately 3 hour long plus my January 11, 2007 radio show on the topic of "repeatability" ... a topic that is central to the release of the new book ... the original mathematical treatise is included as an appendix for more technically oriented readers ... this is far more than a solution to the oldest mathematical problem ... it also gives direction to fundamental properties of nature that are seen in every aspect of science ... jim mccanney

"Calculate Primes"



"Can't find what you are looking for? Try Google Search."



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