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Herbs & Your Health

A Gift From Mother Earth



Herbs are some of the most powerful medicines know on earth, and are available without a prescription. These super medicines are one of nature's cures. As we move towards the millennium, people find themselves taking more responsibility for their own health. Herbs allow people to maintain and restore themselves to vibrant health, even in the face of serious or long-term illness. Herbs have been used to treat everything from arthritis to cancer, heart disease and obesity, asthma and ulcers. There have been an overwhelming number of satisfied users to discount the effectiveness of herbs.

Herbs have played a vital role in the development of humanity. References to herbal cures have been found in early hieroglyphic texts of the Egyptians and in the Vedas from India. Herbs contain many powerful ingredients that if used correctly can help the body to heal itself. Herbs are a wonderful natural alternative to many health issues.

An herb is any plant that can be used to season our food or for medicinal purposes. This includes trees, shrubs, flowers, vines and ferns. Regardless of their appearance, all herbs contain one or more active ingredient such as vitamins and minerals, enzymes and essential oils. Non-toxic by nature, herbs can be taken individually, or can be combined with other herbs. It is this non-toxic nature of herbs that make them safe and effective to use for a multitude of conditions.

Herbs are gentle remedies that have a mild, yet profound affect on the body. Unlike prescription medicines, which suppress symptoms, herbs work to restore balance to the body. Herbs work to tone the body's organs and glands, to supply the body with vitamins and nutrients and help the body to relieve itself of toxic accumulations. This makes the body strong and allows our natural internal healing processes to begin. They help us to ignite our own internal healing fires.

If you desire to utilize herbs for medicinal purposes, it is best to work with a qualified herbal practitioner. While herbs are in general safe and non-toxic, they are powerful remedies and should be treated as such. If you are currently on prescription medication, it is important that you consult with your primary health care physician before reducing or eliminating medications. I feel it is also important that you familiarize yourself with different herbal remedies and talk with your herbal practitioner so that a safe and effective program can be identified.

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Herbs Botanicals


Ministik Trading A great selection of organic & wild crafted bulk herbs, tinctures, essential oils, tonics, extracts, herbal teas and supplies. (our sister site)


Henriette's Herbal Homepage Herbal medicine and culinary herbs: one of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the net


"A Modern Herbal" - By Mrs. Maud Grieve  Mrs. Grieves "A Modern Herbal" continues to be one of the most popular resources for herbal information. Written in the early part of the last century, the advise is both timely and historical. A great read.


Michael Moore's Southwest School of Botanical Medicine A huge and informative Botanical Medicine resource.


Plant It Herbs is an organic Chinese medicinal plant nursery, specializing in the cultivation of Chinese medicinal plants since 1996. All seed and plant stock are of the highest quality and have been authenticated to insure the correct material is being grown.


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